Show 341, September 21, 2019: Food Finders’ “Chefs to the Rescue” Benefit

Maralyn diPiazza of Diapiazza'sFood Finders, a Southern California nonprofit focused on food recovery is hosting its 4th annual Chefs to the Rescue fundraiser on Tuesday, October 1st from 6 – 9 p.m. at the Golden Sails Hotel located at 6285 E Pacific Coast Hwy in Long Beach. Food Finders celebrates 30 years of rescuing food this year. This unique, food-centric event challenges prominent local chefs to create “Edible Extras”; tasting samples and small plates made from perfectly edible recovered or repurposed food that might otherwise end up being tossed away.

“We’ve seen some of the most amazing dishes at this event made using everything from potato peels to fish necks to pork belly,” said Patti Larson, executive director of Food Finders. “and while restaurants do a great job utilizing their inventory, we want to inspire people to do the same in their own kitchens and across the food industry in general. We also want to ensure that Food Finders can continue to serve its 400+ nonprofit partners that feed people in need, so this event supports that ongoing effort.”

“Food Finders, founded in 1989, works with local food vendors, grocery stores, restaurants and caterers to distribute donated food to other nonprofit organizations that feed impoverished families, children and elderly. Today there are 13 staff and some 300 volunteers who help rescue millions of pounds of food each year. Food Finders’ mission is to eliminate hunger and food waste while improving nutrition in food insecure communities.”

Food Finders’ Executive Director Patti Larson and participating chef Maralyn diPiazza of diPiazza Restaurant & Lounge join us with the tempting specifics.

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