Show 346, October 26, 2019: Chef / Proprietor AC Boral, Bebot Filipino Soul Food, Long Beach Part Two

AC Boral of BebotRegular listeners to the show know Long Beach’s Chef AC Boral from his popular pop-up series of “Rice & Shine” brunches. His long-in-the works (5 years) brick-and-mortar restaurant, Bebot (named after his late Father) is now serving Filipino Soul Food.

“Bebot is located on Fourth Street and Temple (2741 E. 4th St.,) on a street with a bunch of Long Beach’s favorite restaurants, shops, etc. Basically, we’re moving into a really great neighborhood.”

Bebot’s (previously known as “Rice & Shine’s) core belief is that the soul of Filipino food is at the family table. And what food means to me is the memories of my childhood, the memories where food is love.”

“The menu features food that is nutritious and supports the local food economy. You can expect to enjoy the Modern Filipino flair we’ve built our name on while offering options to accommodate gluten-free, vegan, and other dietary considerations.”

Chef AC partially funded the opening of Bebot with an ambitious Kickstarter campaign. He raised $32,842 from 284 generous backers.

Chef AC Boral continues the conversation.

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