Show 351, December 14, 2019: Bonnie Bennett, Proprietress, Kakawa Chocolate House, Santa Fe, NM Part One

Bonnie Bennett of Kawada Chocolate HouseKakawa Chocolate House is an artisan chocolate company located in the beautiful, high elevation town of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Kakawa’s passion is promoting the history of chocolate and crafting a variety of delicious chocolate creations of the finest quality. Proprietress Bonnie Bennett shares the rich decadence with us.

Kakawa’s signature is a collection of historic drinking chocolate elixirs. “These specialties include traditional Pre-Columbian, Mesoamerican, Mayan and Aztec drinking chocolate elixirs; 1600’s European drinking chocolate elixirs, Colonial American and Colonial Mexican drinking chocolate elixirs. Kakawa Chocolate House drinking chocolate elixirs are representative of these historic recipes and span the time period 1000 BC to the mid-1900s AD.”

“Kakawa supports local organic farming, promotes the history and anthropology of chocolate, and, most importantly, produces a huge variety of delicious chocolate creations of the highest quality. Since its founding, Kakawa has earned a reputation as one of the most exciting and original chocolate shops in the world.”

Virtually all of Kakawa Chocolate House’s artisan chocolates and premium drinking chocolate elixirs (dry mix) can be shipped with confidence to anywhere in the USA.


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