Show 352, December 21, 2019: Show Preview with Co-Host & Executive Producer Andy Harris

Now an enticing preview of this Saturday afternoon’s scrumptious show. We’re in the Holiday spirit. It’s not, with profuse apologies, for dieters. If we’re successful we will hopefully leave you incredibly hungry and thirsty. In our case that’s probably a pretty good thing… As always, we greatly appreciate you being a part of our loyal listening audience. Truly couldn’t do it without you.

One of our most reliable sources of quality restaurant news in fabulous Las Vegas is Al Mancini, who is a staff writer for The Las Vegas Review Journal covering food, restaurants and other aspects of entertainment. Al has been working the Vegas food scene since 2003. He was one of the creators of the popular, and widely referenced, Eating Las Vegas restaurant guide series. Al joins us with a report on best of the new restaurant openings in Las Vegas.

“For a new generation of cooks, comes a brand-new edition of America’s most enduring and trusted cookbook. Joy of Cooking, the timeless and essential kitchen “bible” that home cooks have relied on for nearly 90 years, has now been updated and revised by the next generation of Joy family home cooks—Irma Rombauer’s great-grandson John Becker and his wife Megan Scott. It is the first edition of Joy of Cooking to be released since the must-have kitchen manual’s bestselling 75th anniversary edition (2006), and the first to be fully revised by the Rombauer-Becker family since the cookbook’s bestselling 1975 edition, edited by Irma’s daughter Marion Rombauer Becker.” John Becker and Megan Scott take a brief respite from their ambitious book tour to chat with us.

Our own Chef Andrew Gruel of the Slapfish Restaurant Group joins us for another thought-provoking, “Ask the Chef” commentary. He’s with his Family at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando.

Want to know what to drink with all your favorite books? May we suggest Literary Libations – What To Drink With What You Read by Amira Makansi. Now book lovers everywhere can raise the perfect toast to Shakespeare, Austen, Kerouac, Woolf, and more. With drink pairing recommendations for nearly 200 classic and contemporary works of fiction, including non-alcoholic pairings for kids and young adult books, Literary Libations is a necessary addition to bookshelves and bar tops everywhere. Amira comes out from behind the well-stocked bar to mix up the details for us.

All of this and heaping helpings of extra deliciousness on this week’s not-to-miss show!

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