Show 367, April 4, 2020: Food Writer Yasmin Fahr, Keeping it Simple – Easy Weeknight One-Pot Recipes Part One

Food Writer Yasmin FahrAfter a long day at work (in normal times,) heading home to cook a fussy, complicated meal is the last thing anyone wants to do. Keeping it Simple – Easy Weeknight One-Pot Recipes by Yasmin Fahr is the ultimate collection to have on hand for these moments, featuring over 60 quick, impressive, healthyish, and delicious one-pot/pan/tray dinners that can be whipped up in the time it takes to have a glass of wine.

“Inspired by her column for Serious Eats, One-Pot Wonders, author, food writer and recipe developer Yasmin Fahr’s recipes offer sneaky gems and low-key showstoppers that work every time, and promises each recipe will teach readers a new skill in the kitchen. The ultimate goal is to get dinner on the table quickly, but also to create something truly delicious as a weeknight reward.”

Yasmin Fahr joins us.

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