Show 383, July 25, 2020: Chef / Proprietor Daniel Castillo of Heritage Barbecue, San Juan Capistrano Part Two

Daniel Castillo of Heritage BarbecueBarbecue afficionados have been eagerly anticipating the pending arrival of Daniel and Brenda Castillo’s Heritage Barbecue in San Juan Capistrano. They have developed a fanatical following for their Central Texas-Style barbecue (that’s cooked low and slow) served in Orange County at popular pop-ups at area craft breweries. Daniel has trained extensively with prominent Texas pitmasters at their respective establishments. The soon-to-open restaurant with the capacity to serve several hundred guests per day (seven days a week) will be all outdoors.

Heritage is well-known for their brisket, tri-tip, chicken, ribs and sausages. There is even a proprietary barbecue cheesecake. All the proteins are cooked using California White Oak in twin, 1,000 gallon offset smokers crafted by Harper Barbecue in Costa Mesa.

Kingsford, the very familiar charcoal briquet firm, has recently launched a cash award program to recognize (and encourage) barbecue chefs nationwide. Chef Daniel was awarded $10,000 in May by Kingsford with no strings attached.

Chef Daniel Castillo continues talking ‘cue with us.

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