Show 390, September 12, 2020: Mike Learakos, Executive Director of Waste Not OC

Mike Learakos of Katella Grill and Waste Not OCThe world’s first off the grid, fully sustainable, completely green 100% solar powered freezer, “The Beast,” has been placed and activated on the campus of Anaheim High School.

The need for emergency cold storage for recovered excess edible food from the food service industry to distribute to non-profit food pantries has been a priority for Mike Learakos, Executive Director of Waste Not OC, and Impact The Change’s Founder, Jonathan Stone.

After three years of planning and building, ‘The Beast’ was created from a forty-foot refrigerated cargo container, designed to ship food. During a power outage, its solar technology will generate its own green power, virtually eliminating food waste, and operate completely off of the electrical grid.

“Local businesses are on board developing products for the unit to help protect, maintain inventory and manage temperature for thousands of vacuum sealed, frozen ‘Ready To Heat & Eat’ meals used to feed people that can’t get out for a nutritious, hot meal. This new cold storage unit will also help feed those in need during a disaster, regardless of power interruptions, including rolling black outs.”

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