Show 393, October 3, 2020: Nick Echaore, Executive Chef, Heritage Barbecue, San Juan Capistrano

Nick Echaore of Heritage BarbecueBarbecue afficionados are overjoyed with the launch in August of Daniel and Brenda Castillo’s Heritage Barbecue in San Juan Capistrano. They have developed a fanatical following for their Central Texas-style barbecue (that’s cooked low and slow) served in Orange County at popular pop-ups at area craft breweries. Daniel has trained extensively with prominent Texas pitmasters at their respective establishments. Initially the all outdoor establishment is open Wednesday through Sunday and has the capacity to serve several hundred guests per day until the ‘cue runs out.

Pitmaster Danny’s accomplished Executive Chef is Nick Echaore. We’ll pull him away from the intensive pre-opening prep for an update.

Chef Nick has experience across all segments of front and back of house. He comes to Heritage Barbecue from a corporate career at Whole Foods (where he met Pitmaster Danny.) He also spent time at Marche Bacchus in Las Vegas.

Nick is responsible for working with Danny and Lennon (the in-house butcher) to set the menu, sourcing ingredients, recipe development for the creative sides, coordinating schedules with the kitchen team and lots more. He even works the busy order window (just in back) where you’ll see him expertly cutting and packaging the barbecue orders.

Heritage is well-known for their brisket, tri-tip, massive beef ribs, chicken, ribs and sausages. All the proteins are cooked using California White Oak in twin, 1,000 gallon offset smokers crafted by Harper Barbecue in Costa Mesa. Even the selection of from-scratch sides deserve praise. A standout is the Borracho Beans with tri-tip.


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