Show 402, December 5, 2020: Tara Bench – Food Editor, Recipe Developer and Food Stylist with Live Life Deliciously

Tara BenchWe’re delighted to welcome back food editor and recipe creator Tara Bench discussing Holiday cooking. “Tara Bench (aka “Tara Teaspoon”) has spent more than twenty years in the food publishing industry creating recipes and articles, and food styling for various magazines, books, television, and advertising. Working as a food editor at Martha Stewart Living, and as the food and entertaining director of Ladies’ Home Journal, she knows how to write recipes for beginners as well as real foodies. Her philosophy is that anyone can cook and enjoy their time in the kitchen, and in her first cookbook, Live Life Deliciously – Recipes for Busy Weekdays & Leisurely Weekends, she proves it.”

“Whether you’re a casual cook or a die-hard, classically-trained chef, you’ll have complete success on each and every recipe. She sets you up with flavor descriptions and tips and tricks (including an entire section on kitchen equipment, her favorite tools, and why they are so important).”

“Each chapter is from the heart and inspired by Tara’s family heritage and experiences eating at the best restaurants and tastiest dives in New York City. Create wonderful memories through food you can share with the people who love and inspire you.”

Tara will share some of her Holiday favorite recipes that are enjoyed by her own Family. You’ll be tempted with Mandarin and Prosciutto Crostini, and Moroccan Kebabs with Chermoula Sauce.

We’re happily back in the kitchen with Tara Bench.

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