Show 404, December 19, 2020: Al Mancini, Food Staff Writer, Las Vegas Review-Journal

Al Mancini of the Las Vegas Review JournalOne of our most reliable sources of accurate restaurant news in fabulous Las Vegas is Al Mancini, who is a staff writer for The Las Vegas Review- Journal covering food, restaurants and other aspects of entertainment. Al has been working the Vegas food scene for 19 years. He was one of the creators of the popular, and widely referenced, Eating Las Vegas restaurant guidebook series.

Al joins us with his quarterly update on the Las Vegas dining scene. He’ll provides an insider’s overview on how Las Vegas restaurants are creatively coping with all the severe COVID 19 restrictions. Restaurateur and Chef James Trees of Esther’s Kitchen (Arts District) has resourcefully constructed 8 handsomely appointed dining tents on his back parking lot to accommodate guests. Al also comments on popular Vegas chef Mike Minor’s (known for ethereal barbecue, too) departure from Border Grill Las Vegas after a lengthy tenure with a pending move to San Diego and a new culinary challenge.

Al continues his dining report on Saturday, December 26th. He’ll be providing an overview of Jolene Mannina’s (a fixture on the independent Vegas dining scene) just-opened Vegas Test Kitchen on Fremont Street.

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