Show 404, December 19, 2020: Chef Jason McClain, Philly Jay’s Steaks (mobile kitchen)

Jason McClain of the Jonathan Club and Philly Jay's SteaksPhilly Jay’s Steaks (mobile kitchen) is treating Los Angeles to their eponymous City of Brotherly Love classic with the help of the illustrious Chef Jason McClain, previously the long-time executive chef of Jonathan Club. Chef Jason has worked in a litany of seriously impressive, highly rated restaurants across the country. Now, he’s directing his myriad of skills towards perfecting the Philly, elevating the down-home fare to the status of gourmet.”

“The menu sports classic Phillies, of course, and you really can’t go wrong with that perennially popular mashup of cheese, fried onion, and paper-thin slices of steak. However, that’s far from the only enticing concoction gracing the menu. You’ll also find a philly suited up with everything from fried peppers to provolone cheese to garnishes like oregano.” Philly Jay’s Steak caters, too.

Chef Jason sources his sandwich rolls from the family-owned Amoroso’s Baking Co. on Philadelphia. They are the Gold Standard of sandwich rolls for authentic cheesesteaks and Hoagies.

Follow Philly Jay’s Steaks locations on their Instagram but most weekends they are in residence at Magic Touch Car Wash in Monterey Park.

We’re talking authentic Philly Cheese Steaks with Chef Jason McClain.

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