Show 404, December 19, 2020: Pastry Chef Zac Young of PieCaken by Chef Zac Young

Pastry Chef Zac Young“New York City. November 2015. Pastry Chef Zac Young (Final Four of Bravo’s “Top Chef: Desserts,” inaugural season) is brainstorming Thanksgiving specials for his restaurant in midtown. The Executive Chef of the restaurant was super stoked about the Turducken special he was serving like it’s all he could talk about. Zac knew he had the last course, and the last word, he set out to make the Turducken of dessert. PieCaken. If for no other reason, to compete with and possibly make fun of the kitchen’s savory side.”

“Zac posted an in-progress shot on his Instagram, and the comments ranged from a lot of “OMG” to “my daughter just tried to lick this picture.” To “can I buy one?”. “Buy one? Buy a whole one?,” Zac thought “that’s silly, it’s just going to be served by the slice, as a Thanksgiving special.” Then his phone started ringing with friends calling in favors to get one, including Kelly Ripa breaking the news on her show the next morning. “Fine. Let’s sell it.””

The new Christmas PieCaken and the original OG PieCaken are available for nationwide shipping via Goldbelly. In 2021 look for a changing array of festive PieCakens available to coincide with major Holidays. Think Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day for starters.

“The spectacular Christmas PieCaken features four of the best-selling holiday products all in one – pecan pie, eggnog cheesecake and red velvet cake. It’s topped with sweet and tart cherry pie filling, all layered together with amaretto buttercream.”

Chef Zac joins us with whisk in hand.

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