Show 407, January 9, 2021: Carly Knowles, MS, RDN & LD with The Nutritionist’s Kitchen Part One

Dietiican and Nutritionist Carly KnowlesThe Nutritionist’s Kitchen – Transform your diet and discover the healing power of whole foods by Dietitian Nutritionist Carly Knowles, MS, RDN, LD is for everyone who aspires to live a healthy, balanced life without depriving themselves of the joy that comes with eating sweet, savory, salty, crunchy, creamy flavorful food. The ultimate guide to healthy meals that utilize healing benefits of whole foods and the latest science-backed nutritional guidelines.”

“After visiting a remote village in Peru, Carly knew she wanted to dedicate herself to learning everything she could about the science of diet and nutrition and share her knowledge with everyone. So, after getting her Master of Science degree in Nutrition from Bastyr University, she worked as a clinical dietitian and taught cooking classes in community kitchens.”

“An avid writer and recipe tester inspired by the concept of cooking nutritious and delicious whole foods, she wrote her book, Nutritionist’s Kitchen, with the idea that “everyone deserves to have a nutritionist in their kitchen.””

Carly graciously shares with us two recipes from the book including Broccoli Salad with Pickled Cranberries and Herb Yogurt Dressing (a personal favorite) and Cultured Key Lime Cashew Yogurt (a probiotic-rich vegan yogurt.) “Broccoli is one of the most nutrient-dense vegetables out there.”

We’re in the kitchen with Carly Knowles focusing on food as medicine.

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