What´s Cooking with Travis and Chef Jet

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Listeners let us know via social media that they would also like to hear Chef Jet Tila during the week. Now you can every Friday morning at 7:50 a.m. on “The Travis Rodgers Show.” Jet joins Travis to talk about the fun world of food and all its tasty possibilities. Next to sports, food is Travis´ second favorite topic of conversation. It's a close second...You'll hear Jet chat about everything ranging from what's the secret to preparing world class chicken wings to the beer styles that pair well with all the varieties of classic tailgate edibles.

The Makings of a Successful Chef

What are the attributes of a successful chef? What is the difference between an executive chef and a chef de cuisine?


On Becoming a Chef

Chef Jet describes what it takes to become a working chef.



The absolute deliciousness of pizza.


Appreciating Lobster

Everything you’d want to know about enjoying Lobster.


Las Vegas Dining

Chef Jet chronicles the vibrant Vegas dining scene.


Guinness World Records

Chef Jet talks about his multiple Guinness World Records for Large Format Food.