Show 399, November 14, 2020: Huntington Meats & Farmers Market Poultry’s Holiday Kids Pajama Drive

Jim Cascone of Huntington Meats and Farmers Market Poultry“There’s just something about a new pair of jammies that says ‘cozy and safe’ to kids, and Huntington Meats and Farmers Market Poultry located at The Original Farmers Market at 3rd & Fairfax in Los Angeles are doing their part to make sure nightly bedtime rituals like fresh pajamas will provide a reassuring and peaceful good night to in-need children this holiday season.”

“The two shops offering the best quality meats and poultry are coming together to host their first Holiday Kids Pajama Drive to take place the entire month of November. The goal is to collect 300 pairs of pajamas for distribution to local agencies servicing homeless and low income families.”

“Customers who visit either of the shops and donate a pair of new, unwrapped pajamas valued at $10 or more will receive a complimentary pound of premium bacon or homemade sausages from Huntington Meats, or a dozen fresh eggs from Farmers Market Poultry. In addition to PJs for children aged infant to age 18, the shops will be collecting children’s slippers, robes, security blankets, story books and toothbrush/toothpaste sets through November 30th. At the conclusion of the Pajama Drive, collected items will be distributed to Los Angeles area agencies for gift giving to their youngest clientele over the holiday season.”

“We thought this was a unique idea for a great cause,” said Jim Cascone, proprietor of both Huntington Meats and Farmers Market Poultry. “Toy drives are great during the holiday, but we forget that some kids may never have received a brand new pair of PJs, which was something many of us took for granted growing up.”

“Our goal is to try make nights a little comfier for those kids that may be experiencing homelessness or are members of families that just don’t have the means to purchase their little one’s new pajamas,” Head butcher Jon Escobedo added. “We want to do our part to make sure that kids in need across Los Angeles have new pajamas to snuggle in this holiday season.”


Show 362, February 29, 2020: Huntington Meats & Sausages at The Original Farmers Market

John Escobedo of Huntington MeatsThe full-service, specialized, neighborhood butcher shop with genuine personal service and also providing great recipe suggestions and cooking tips is happily making a strong comeback. Leading the charge is Huntington Beats & Sausages at the Original Farmers Market at 3rd & Fairfax in Los Angeles.

Huntington Meats also specializes in exotic meats. These are all farm raised and USDA inspected and humanely raised. You’ll find alligator, wild boar, ostrich, venison, antelope, elk, duck and even camel. Flavorful & moist Ostrich Meatloaf ? … You bet.

Joining us with all the savory details is Head Butcher Jon Escobedo who has been artfully cutting meat for 35 years.


Show 176, June 18, 2016: Jim Cascone, Huntington Meats and Farmers Market Poultry, Los Angeles

Jim CasconeIt’s a good sign of the times. The old-fashioned, full-service, neighborhood butcher shop is back in fashion. This is where you can source the exact cut of meat or poultry that you need and get expert advice from a master butcher who also knows how to prepare and cook everything they sell. What a concept.

Master butcher Jim Cascone of Huntington Meats and Farmers Market Poultry at The Original Farmers Market at Third & Fairfax in Los Angeles brings us up-to-date.

Located at the Farmer’s Market at 3rd and Fairfax since 1986, Huntington Meats is proud to offer the finest quality meats and sausages.

“A true old-fashioned butcher shop, Huntington Meats offers traditional roasts, steaks, chops, ground beef and much more. You’ll discover an astonishing selection of sausages here (Cajun, three-cheese, chicken sausage, Italian from mild to Wow! and many more). For parties, select a variety to barbecue so everyone can have a taste! Huntington is also one of the city’s exclusive purveyors of Harris Ranch meats.”

They also offer educational classes.

Find them at Stall 350.

Jim Cascone of Huntington Meats has also taken flight with the experts at Farmers Market Poultry. The chicken here is more flavorful than any found on freezer shelves in chain stores, the turkey comes from several exceptional purveyors (try the ground turkey as an outstanding substitute for ground beef), and fresh eggs and exotic fowl are also readily available. Find them at Stall 216.


Show 106, January 17, 2015: Anthony Jacquet, Executive Chef, Whisper Restaurant & Lounge

Anthony JacquetChef Anthony Jacquet of the Whisper Restaurant and Lounge at The Grove in Los Angeles was one of three talented North American Chefs to be selected by Taiwan Tourism to participate in Taste Taiwan 2014. The lucky chefs were hosted to an exclusive eight-day culinary adventure to Taiwan.

Chef Anthony was inspired to then create a dish from his trip which is highlighted on The Whisper menu as a special for this month. It’s a Berkshire Pork Belly Bun with housemade hoisin sauce, pickled Fresno peppers, five-spice candied peanuts, and a fried quail egg.

“This Taiwanese hamburger represents the West-Meets-East experience to me. I pieced all the ingredients together based on my memories.” (Chef Anthony.)

Diners who enjoy this dish at Whisper Lounge this month also have the chance to win roundtrip airfare to Taiwan on EVA Air.

The chefs’ eight-day tour of Taiwan was filmed and edited into an informative 30-minute documentary. The documentary follows the on-the-go chefs as they indulge in Taiwan’s finest restaurants and experience the island’s fresh produce markets and street foods, among other culinary adventures. Diners at Whisper this month who order the Berkshire Pork Belly Bun will receive a complimentary DVD copy of the documentary as a thank you gift.

Chef Anthony returns with an update.