Show 338, August 24, 2019: Plymouth Gin with Global Brand Ambassador Sebastian Hamilton-Mudge

Sebastian Hamilton-Mudge is the brand ambassador for Plymouth GinThe classic martini never went out of style and gin is making a resurgence in the cocktail world. Plymouth Gin (dating to 1793) is closely tied to the evolution of many of the cocktail world’s significant libations.

“Gin appears in cocktail guides as early as 1900, and by 1930, was ubiquitous in the influential The Savoy Cocktail Book. In modern times, It’s employed in mixed drinks that originated both in their initial form with Plymouth Gin and also ones where an ambiguous call for “gin” has led to many cocktail makers reaching for Plymouth Gin.”

As Global Brand Ambassador, Sebastian Hamilton-Mudge has travelled the world, absorbing and influencing cocktail culture wherever he goes, sharing his deep knowledge of Gin and Cocktails. He is regularly referenced in press and articles around the world and his book on the classic Pink Gin cocktail is available in the Angostura distillery in Trinidad, while his writing on the brand and classic cocktail history with award winning writer Aaron Goldfarb and Punch Creative.

The Gin Companion is available online to buy.

Guiding us is Plymouth Gin’s Global Brand Ambassador, Sebastian Hamilton-Mudge.