Show 257, January 20, 2018: Home-Brewers Jonathan Billings and Mike Flinn, Winners of Season 2 of Viceland’s “Beerland” Continue…

Michael Flinn and Jonathan Billing at the Beerland viewing party at Golden Road BrewingEvery dedicated home-brewers’ dream is to create a craft beer that is appealing enough to go into commercial production. Viceland’s Beerland” with host Meg Gill of Golden Road Brewing makes that dream a reality. For Season 2 Meg traveled to four US cities/regions and sought out the best home-brewers. Season 2’s travels included field trips to home-brewers in Portland, Alabama, Detroit and Florida.

The winning creation, Man-Go-War, was then brewed on Golden Road’s 50-barrel system and is now available at retail in cans. The original recipe actually uses a dash of ocean water from the Atlantic Ocean. (It’s a blueberry-flavored Wheat Ale with a hint of Spicy Mango.) The winning team of home-brewers and professional lifeguards from Sebastian, Florida, Michael Flinn and Jonathan Billings, join us.

Mike and Jonathan were most recently VIP guests in Southern California on January 4th for the Grand Finale Viewing Party of “Beerland” held at Golden Road Brewing’s new Anaheim Taproom and Restaurant across from Angel Stadium. All the guests in attendance were hosted to a 12 oz. can of Man-Go-War served at the conclusion of the finale viewing. This was Mike’s & Jonathan’s first opportunity to taste the finished production batch of Man-Go-War.