Show 131, July 18, 2015: Dominic “The Midway Gourmet” Palmieri – The OC Fair.

Dominic Palmieri of Midway GourmetThe OC Fair is hosting One Big Party from July 17th to August 16th in celebration of its 125th anniversary with culinary creations to suit all palates. Foodies can enjoy wild and new fare mixed in with the traditional fair food.

The word is already out on the new grilled, Duroc bacon-wrapped pork belly on a stick from Biggys. It’s as crave-worthy as it sounds…Thanks to food writer Ann Marie Panoringan of The OC Weekly for the appreciated tip.

Biggys big hit from last year, The Big Rib, is back for an encore. It’s a 2-pound beef rib on a 17-inch bone (ala “the stick”). The weight is both the meat and the bone.

Their motto : Bringing Everything Delicious! From Gourmet Fare to Wild and Wacky Treats.

We’ll meet the creator, Dominic “The Midway Gourmet” Palmieri.