Show 376, June 6, 2020: “FEW for all” with Chefs Tyler Curtis, Mallory Cayon and Restaurateur Ramzi Budayr

Pick me Up Kit featuring granola, greek yogurt and cold brew coffeeWhat do a pair of entrepreneurial (and motivated) professional chefs and an accomplished, fine-dining restaurant General Manager do when they are suddenly furloughed from their DTLA hotel properties? They quickly start back to work generously feeding hungry people with fresh pasta through the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank and generating income. The unlikely success story is FEW for All.”

We’ll meet the dynamic and enterprising team of Restaurant General Manager Ramzi Budayr (ex-NoMad DTLA,) Pastry Chef Mallory Cayon (The Hoxton DTLA,) and Tyler Curtis (Chef de Cuisine – Pilot at The Hoxton.)

“It all started as an idea. COVID-19 hit all of us in ways no one could have imagined. But through our community, the lovely hearts of Los Angelenos and the support of YOU, FEW for all was born. We appreciate YOU.”

“FEW For All (otherwise known as Flour + Eggs + Water For All) was founded by a team of recently unemployed food & beverage workers to provide nourishment for the Los Angeles community during this unprecedented public health crisis.”

“Using three basic but increasingly scarce ingredients – flour, eggs & water – we make and sell homemade, restaurant-quality pasta, bake-at-home desserts and pasta sauces via our Instagram page @fewforall – and with every item purchased, we pledge to donate one pound of pasta to the Los Angeles Food Bank. In light of the massive spike in unemployment in the hospitality community as a result of the Coronavirus, we also offer fellow food & beverage workers free quarts of pasta should they lack the means to make a financial contribution.”

“We currently sell three pastas on our permanent menu: rigatoni, lumache & gluten free for $12 per quart, with special pasta shapes being launched weekly. We also sell pints of spicy pomodoro & pesto cheese fonduta for $10. For dessert, we offer bake-at-home cinnamon rolls for $8 per tin, and rolls of homemade, frozen cookie dough for $10, available in chocolate chip and gluten free peanut butter.”

“We offer pickup in the Arts District (at 672 S Santa Fe Ave) from 1PM – 6PM, Wednesday – Sunday. Free, contactless delivery is also available. We accept payment via Venmo & Zelle to minimize in-person contact.”


Show 338, August 24, 2019: Executive Chef / Partner Lincoln Carson, Bon Temps, Los Angeles

Lincoln Carson of Bon TempsLincoln Carson is the Chef/Partner of the ambitious Bon Temps Los Angeles restaurant located next to the Firehouse Hotel in the Arts District adjacent to Downtown Los Angeles.

“An all-day restaurant Bon Temps reimagines a modern French brasserie with industrial roots. From morning until late-night, the menu is refined with an attention to detail that nods to Chef Lincoln Carson’s lineage working in internationally-acclaimed restaurants. Bon Temps is for the neighborhood and a place for the downtown community to break bread in a space that pays homage to the old and new.”

“Chef Lincoln Carson is a veteran pastry chef whose career spans almost three decades and he is best known for his eight-year tenure as the corporate pastry chef for The Mina Group, while his culinary resume also includes stints at internationally-acclaimed restaurants such as Le Bernardin and La Cote Basque. Carson was responsible for all facets of The Mina Group’s pastry, dessert and bread programs in addition to opening 18 new restaurants during his time there.”

“Set within the former Heinz testing kitchen of downtown Los Angeles, Bon Temps sets out to break down the distinction between back and front of house all while showcasing the beautiful tension between warm and cold materials. The guest immediately feels part of something larger than simply a dining experience, rather the sounds of the open kitchen combined with a sense of functional utility set forth by the aluminum furniture all point towards the expression of a transparent and honest dining experience driven by Chef Lincoln Carson.”

We entice Chef Lincoln out of his busy kitchens for a chat.


Show 323, May 11, 2019: Wyndee Forrest, Co-Founder, CraftHaus Brewery, Henderson

Wyndee Forrest of CraftHaus BreweryThe CraftHaus Brewery team is not only passionate about craft beer, but also sharing it with their Las Vegas community. They were established in Henderson is 2014.

“Co-owners and married couple, Wyndee and Dave Forrest, conjured up the big idea for CraftHaus Brewery while traveling through Europe. They noticed that they were immersed in a craft beer culture where people take their time to enjoy quality beer just as much as they enjoy talking to the people around them.” Now, they have brought that effervescent culture back home and continue to build their Las Vegas community one refreshing pint at a time.

Along the way Wyndee and Dave were successful in changing city licensing to a more modern, craft friendly license. Dave’s craft beer roots started with a passion for homebrewing and bringing people together around a beer or two. Wyndee’s background is in working as a publicist on the famed Las Vegas Strip. They are both University of Nevada, Las Vegas graduates.

CraftHaus Brewery is part of Saturday night’s “A Smokin’ Good Time with Susan Feniger” at Border Grill Mandalay Bay as an event for Vegas Uncork’d. Among the thirst-quenching styles served will be one created just for the festivities, Blood Orange Pale Ale.

In other CraftHaus Brewery news they will soon be opening a 2nd tasting roomlocated right across the street from Chef James Trees’ Esther’s Kitchen in the Arts District of Downtown Las Vegas.

Wyndee taps the keg for us.


Show 323, May 11, 2019: Executive Chef / Proprietor Angelo Auriana and Proprietor Matteo Ferdinandi, The Factory Kitchen, Las Vegas Part One

Chef Angelo AurianaThe Factory Kitchen, recently launched at The Venetian Resort, is the outcome of a long-standing friendship between Restaurateur Matteo Ferdinandi and Chef Angelo Auriana. Ferdinandi and Auriana share the vision of imparting their Italian roots and memories through food and hospitality. The original trattoria, serving traditional Italian recipes, opened its doors on Oct. 24, 2013, in The Arts District, Downtown Los Angeles.

The Factory Kitchen takes its name from the street it’s located on and the former factory building complex that hosts it, but the restaurant’s soul is purely Italian.

The approachable menu at The Factory Kitchen highlights the simplicity of traditional local recipes. These recipes have been passed down from generation to generation within Italian families.

“It’s Italian cuisine at its finest run by Italians.”

Matteo, Chef Angelo, and Las Vegas Chef de Cuisine Eduardo Perez are our guests.


Show 323, May 11, 2019: Executive Chef / Proprietor Angelo Auriana and Proprietor Matteo Ferdinandi, The Factory Kitchen, Las Vegas Part Two

Matteo Ferdinandi of the Factory KitchenThe Factory Kitchen, recently launched at The Venetian Resort, is the outcome of a long-standing friendship between Restaurateur Matteo Ferdinandi and Chef Angelo Auriana. Ferdinandi and Auriana share the vision of imparting their Italian roots and memories through food and hospitality. The original trattoria, serving traditional Italian recipes, opened its doors on Oct. 24, 2013, in The Arts District, Downtown Los Angeles.

Later this year, sister restaurant sixth+mill pizzeria and bar will open in St. Mark’s Square inside Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian Resort. The casual dining destination will celebrate the regions of Southern Italy and offer hand-crafted pizzas, pastas and a selection of shared plates inspired by Chef Angelo Auriana’s childhood memories.


Show 322, May 4, 2019: Las Vegas’ Chef Marc Marrone – Vegas Unstripped, By Locals 2019

Marc MarroneVegas Unstripped, By Locals 2019 – 2nd Helping is an evening celebration on Saturday, May 11th (from 8:00 p.m. to Midnight) of local, independent Las Vegas culinary talent presenting unique tastes of their personal expressions. The location in The Las Vegas Arts District adjacent to Downtown.

Each Chef is challenged to create and serve two distinctive dishes. One from their restaurant’s regular menu and a second that is an exclusive creation for Vegas Unstripped.

Beverages provided by Velveteen Rabbit, Jammyland, The Golden Tiki, Herbs & Rye, Sand Dollar Lounge, Starboard Tack, Vesta Coffee Roasters and Harney & Sons Tea.

Chef Marc Marrone (Graffiti Italian & Graffiti Bao) is our guide. He was previously with TAO Group for over 10 years before going out on his own.


Show 307, January 19, 2019: James Trees, Executive Chef / Proprietor, Esther’s Kitchen, Las Vegas

James TreesJames Trees is a chef in the best, old school meaning of the word. Currently he’s the chef/proprietor of Las Vegas acclaimed Esther’s Kitchen in the Arts District adjacent to Downtown. Previously Chef James spent some time in L.A. cooking at high profile establishments. He serves up his own blend of elegant Italian comfort food. Recently added is Weekend Brunch.

“While Chef Trees is descended from Jewish Austrian wine merchants, growing up he spent a lot of time at his best friend Alfio’s house. “I love Italian food because of Alfio and his family,” says Trees. “That’s the food I grew up eating. My mom was always working and didn’t have time to make dinner, so whenever we were hungry we went to Alfio’s house. They’d be making lasagna or braciola, and pasta – there was always pasta. That’s my comfort food.” “

Who is Esther? “Great-aunt Esther was a tough, smart, no-nonsense type who cared about people and gave good advice. “She was a big support to my mom when I was growing up, and that was huge,” says Trees. “She was always there for us.””

“Esther wrote the check that sent Chef Trees off to the CIA (after all, someone had to get him out of Alfio’s kitchen). When she passed in 2016 she left James a nest egg – the money he needed to finally open his own restaurant.”


Show 285, August 11, 2018: Owner / Chefs Ori Menashe and Genevieve Gergis, Bavel, DTLA’s Arts District

Executive Chef Ori Menashe and Pastry Chef Genevieve Gergis of BestiaWhen we last spoke with Owner/Chefs Ori Menashe and Genevieve Gergis they had recently opened Bestia (2012) in DTLA’s emerging Arts District. Flash forward to the recent opening of their long-in-the-works Bavel (buh-vel), also in the Arts District. It’s Middle Eastern flavors with influences from Israel, Morocco, Turkey and Egypt.

“Bavel, in Downtown Los Angeles’ Arts District, is a Middle Eastern restaurant from Chefs Ori Menashe and Genevieve Gergis. With family roots in Israel, Morocco, Turkey, and Egypt, Ori and Genevieve have always wanted to open a restaurant that showcases the cuisines of their family lineages, bringing together the flavors and dishes they grew up with.”

With a background in the field of interior design, Genevieve played a key role in the design of both Bestia and Bavel.

“Bavel – Stems from the story of Babel, from the original Old Testament. The Hebrew letters ‘b’ – bet, and ‘v’ – vet, both look the same, except that bet has a dot in the center of it. It is theorized that when the Old Testament was translated, it was not transcribed properly and Bavel turned into Babel.”

“The name is pronounced how it was originally written – Bavel (buh-vel). The story of Bavel is from a time when the Middle East was one. The people of Babylon came together to build a tower to heaven but God did not want them to succeed. In turn, he gave the people different languages so they could no longer communicate and work together.”

“When we read this story, we liked the word Bavel, because it was written during a time when everything was one – Bavel is not specific to any one region.”

We pull them both from the bustling Bavel kitchen (incredible bread is baking) for a chat.



Show 285, August 11, 2018: Farley Elliott, Senior Editor, Eater LA Part Two

Farley ElliottFood journalist Farley Elliott is the Senior Editor for Eater LA He contributes six pieces a day, five days a week to this very widely read on-line magazine and newsletter. He also graciously responds to readers’ feedback.

Farley talks about some major restaurant openings on the horizon. In the Arts District of Downtown he has his eye on Simone from Chef Jessica Largey (ex-Manresa) and Chicago’s Stephanie Izard who is bringing her acclaimed Girl and the Goat to L.A. next year.

Eater LA publishes a helpful daily newsletter that’s free for the asking. Sign up on their Website.


Show 220, April 22, 2017: Connor Forbes, Co-Founder, Indie Brewing Company, Los Angeles

Connor ForbesOne of the participating craft breweries in Masters of Taste is the Indie Brewing Company, based in Los Angeles. It’s the typical craft brewery start-up tale of four partners leaving safe jobs in geology, advertising and law to create limited production beer. Of course…

“We set out to give L.A. amazing local beer, and the tasting room it so deserves. We dreamt of a casual spot where people could hang out with other beer lovers and watch bands, talk about sports, and maybe even do a little trivia night. No velvet ropes, no guest lists. Our idea of “bottle service”? Having your growler refilled by the guys who brewed the beer.”

“And who are we? We’re 4 guys who met in the strangest of ways over our mutual love of brewing. This love began in 2009 with homebrews in pots on an electric stovetop. The operation grew with time, and eventually, we were using every free minute we had to make beer. We left our “normal” jobs in geology, advertising and law to spend as much time as possible creating pale ales, saisons, porters and more. We want to put L.A. on the map for something other than movie stars and one-word nightclubs. It’s our mission to take L.A.-based craft beers to new heights.”

“But enough about us – let’s talk about you. Whether you’re a USC or a UCLA fan, an electrician or an actor, you need delicious, local craft beers made by guys you can actually talk to. You need a welcoming spot to hang out with your friends and the rest of L.A.’s beer-loving community.”

Co-founder, Connor Forbes, is our guest to tap the keg on Indie Brewing Company.