Show 170, May 7, 2016: Oak Grill’s Executive Chef, Marc Johnson, Island Hotel, Newport Beach

Marc JohnsonExecutive Chef Marc Johnson at Oak Grill at The Island Hotel in Newport Beach just launched Slow Smoked Sundaze. It’s a relaxed, family-style, smoked BBQ Sunday. Chef Marc is here with all the succulent details.

Chef Marc isn’t just playing around with grilling and barbecue here. He has three years of serious regional cooking experience in Huntsville, Alabama. That’s real barbecue country! His creations at Slow Smoke Sundaze play homage to the various styles of American regional barbecue.

“All summer long you’ll find us smoking up Southern goodness at Oak Grill. Join us for Slow Smoked Sundaze and devour authentic BBQ smoked on property with a mixture of cherry and oak wood.”

“Choose from baby back ribs, brisket, cedar-plank salmon, fried chicken and whole roasted catch of the day. The mains are accompanied by deliciously authentic sides and down-home desserts.”

“Wash it down with our backyard lemonade, spiked with Tito’s Vodka if that’s your thing.”

Slow Smoked Sundaze is an inspired idea for Dad on Father’s Day on June 19th. It’s a reasonable $34 for adults with generous portions. You’ll probably have food to take home.


Show 4: October 27, 2012: DivBar in Newport Beach

You don’t expect to find superb regional BBQ favorites with a spectacular bay view in Newport Beach but that’s exactly what’s on the menu at DivBar. It’s Kansas City inspired ‘cue with touches of Texas and The Carolinas. All the BBQ sauces are house-made.

The secret is executive chef Bill Bracken (ex-Island Hotel, Newport Beach) who grew up in the Midwest. For the last 20 years he’s been at the pinnacle of fine-dining but is now having lots more fun adding all of his creative touches to a more accessible cuisine. There is praise-worthy broasted chicken and pizza, too.

Jet particularly raved about the duck fries. Producer Andy praised the beef dip sandwich which is actually shaved thin tri tip. Jet also savored the baby back ribs and the Texas dry-rubbed smoked brisket.