Show 158, February 6, 2016: Kevin Nguyen, Co-Founder/Partner, GD Bro Continues…

Kevin Bobby NguyenSince opening in early 2013, GD Bro has been favorably mentioned among the best of the best in local, regional, national media outlets and online Food Bloggers.

GD Bro also premiered on Season 6 of the FOOD NETWORK’s Great Food Truck Race taking a nail biting third place spot.

Now known for their inventive and light-hearted approach to cooking, GD Bro is consistently challenging the traditional concept of a “burger” by selecting new and uniquely blended ingredients that surprise and delight the foodie traditionalists and culinary thrill-seekers alike. GD Bro not only takes pride in delivering a consistent signature product but more importantly, they believe both great service and above and beyond hospitality from their caring, gracious, hip and outgoing staff distinguishes them from their competitors.

Hence, the reason the GD Bro followers have an “emotional” attachment to the brand and feel like they are part of a family backyard BBQ atmosphere.

The original brick- and- mortar location is in Santa Ana and newly opened in Signal Hill.
For each new location there will be a special menu item only available at that unit.