Show 6: November 17, 2012: Chef Caroline Mi Li Artiss of “Chef Race : U.K. vs. U.S.”

Chef Caroline is a chef sensation on YouTube in the UK. She was selected as one of 8 Brits to compete in BBC America’s new reality chef competition series, “Chef Race: U.K. vs. U.S.” It all started with the first episode on the Santa Monica Pier. London restaurateur (one Michelin Star) & chef Richard Corrigon is the host judge.

The unscripted reality series executive produced by the “Naked Chef” himself, Jamie Oliver, follows 16 chefs (8 Americans and 8 Brits) as they race across America from Los Angeles to New York. There are various difficult challenges (culinary and otherwise) along the way. The last chef standing wins $100,000.

Caroline is back in the U.S. to launch her new association with the Tastemade channel for You Tube.