Show 194, October 22, 2016: Kyle Meyer, Wine Exchange, Santa Ana, “The Tasting Panel”

Kyle Meyer of Wine ExchangeIt’s time for a visit with our resident wine authority, Kyle Meyer, the Co-Proprietor of Wine Exchange in Santa Ana. We’ve been asked by curious listeners how a wine makes it to the shelves at Wine Exchange. Good question…

We’ll go behind-the-scenes and hear about this formal process from one of the key decision-makers. Every wine must survive the rigors of the tasting panel (with three sophisticated & hugely experienced tasters) to even move on to the next point of possible consideration.

Once a wine is selected that’s not the end of the process. Every wine in inventory needs a marketing hook, too. That can be a catchy story or perhaps a value proposition.

Show 135, August 22- 2015: Jeff Fliegler, Co-Founder, Grub Tribe

Jeff FlieglerGrubTribe is Southern California’s (mainly Orange County and Long Beach for now) new digital destination for behind –the-scenes gourmet video. They showcase local chefs and food providers, their businesses, their prep choices, their favorite ingredients, and more.

Short video interviews and preparation demonstrations feature local food businesses across Southern California while answering all kinds of questions formerly reserved for the chefs and food specialists working behind the scenes.

Our own Chef Andrew Gruel has been video profiled on GrubTribe. He explains how the Dubai location came to be…

The Website also has a small virtual retail store with a growing inventory of carefully selected items of interest to foodies.

Co-founder, Jeff Fliegler, a working chef by background and training, is our guest.