Show 336, August 10, 2019: Zama Tea & Kombucha, Old Town Tustin Part Two

Leanne Herrera of Zama Tea and KombuchaZama Tea & Kombucha is a community-focused, brick and mortar tea and Kombucha bar and wellness café serving many tasty vegan and healthier food options. Zama celebrated its Third Anniversary in Old Town Tustin in June.

“Kombucha is a very popular topic in the beverage industry these days. While very well-liked, it is also quite controversial. The main reason for this is the many claims of health benefits, arguments over the best ingredients to use, and especially whether “raw” or pasteurized versions are better for you. Don’t let the controversy bother you, though; it is still a beverage that you should consider drinking and enjoying!”

Kombucha is a beverage made of fermented bacteria and yeast in tea. Its routes have been traced back to 221 B.C. in China, but may go back even further! While the drink is called various things including “Manchurian mushroom,” the tea fungus is not made with any mushrooms. (The reason for this name comes from the appearance that is created during the fermenting process.)

Proprietress Leanne Herrera continues the conversation and taps a fresh keg of Kombucha for us.


Show 289, September 8, 2018: Lisa Lipton, Esq., The American Institute of Wine & Food, San Diego Scholarship Chair

Lisa LiptonSan Diego area food fans who are pursuing careers in the culinary arts, enology / viticulture and beverage studies attention, please. The San Diego Chapter of The American Institute of Wine & Food is now accepting applications for Scholarships in full or part-time accredited continuing education programs. The scholarships typically range from $500 to $2,000, and the funds do not need to be repaid.

The American Institute of Wine & Food (AIWF) is a national non-profit educational organization established in 1981 by Robert Mondavi, Julia Child, Richard Graff, and others to promote a forum for the study and enjoyment of gastronomy. The AIWF is dedicated to advancing the understanding, appreciation, and quality of wine and food through fun educational experiences in support of its Days of Taste® and Scholarship programs.

The AIWF, San Diego Chapter awards scholarships for the pursuit of culinary arts, enology/viticulture, and beverage studies in full or part-time accredited continuing education programs. All schools must be accredited and offer continuous relevant hands-on, in-person experience (not online). Since the money for the scholarships is raised by the San Diego Chapter, scholarships are only awarded to people who are connected to San Diego by school, work, or recent involvement in food or wine/beverage in the area. The scholarship money may be used for study within or outside of San Diego County.

Applications will be accepted until October, 1 2018. Select applicants will be notified of an interview sometime in October.

Lisa Lipton, Esq., AIWF San Diego Scholarship Chair joins us with the details.


Show 73, May 24, 2014: Executive Chef John Shelton, Hotel del Coronado, Coronado, CA

John Shelton of Hotel del CoronadoThe Hotel Del Coronado is California’s premier, classic beachfront hotel dating back to 1888. It represents luxury from another age.

Executive Chef John Shelton who oversees all the food and beverage operation at The Del is our guest. He also loves to fish.

Restaurants at the Del range from the beverage 1500 OCEAN to the award-winning Sunday Brunch spectacular buffet served in the historic and architecturally significant Crown Room. It’s the largest free-standing wood structure in the United States and was built by a team of highly-skilled, master shipwrights.

June is Culinary Craftsman Month at Sunday Brunch. Local exceptional food products will be featured.

The big Summer kick-off event at the Del is the SEA + FOOD event on Saturday afternoon, June 7th on the Windsor Lawn. It’s a one-day Pacific Coast Food Festival to remember with delicious local seafood, BBQ from the Lil’ Del BBQ (a top-of-the-line Southern Pride smoker on four wheels,) and libations including craft beers, wines, and spirits. Live retro rhythm and blues music, too.

The Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation to benefit childhood cancer research is the charitable beneficiary.

$100 admission includes tax, gratuities and parking. Adults only, please.


Cooking with Booze

Chef Jet offers Travis the most practical tips in cooking with beer, wine, and spirits. Keep in mind that you should never cook with a beverage you wouldn’t want to drink.


Show 39, September 7, 2013: Vernon Cardenas, Executive Chef of State Social House on the Sunset Strip

Vernon Cardenas of State Social HouseChef Vernon of the new State Social House is also a certified expert in Sake and presented an informative tutorial. Sake is actually easiest to characterize as a brewed rice beer made from a specially grown short grain rice.

Enjoying cold sake allows you to better appreciate the quality of the beverage.

Beware…Hot sake masks the flavor of a poor quality sake.

There are six main styles of sake. Most popular in the United States are ginjo, dai ginjo, and junmai daigingo. How much of the rice grain is milled away affects the sake’s flavor.


Show 13, January 12, 2013: Robert Wemischner, cookbook author, pastry chef, and culinary instructor

Robert WemischnerAmong Chef Bob’s many notable academic pursuits he is an authority on tea. In college he delved into Japanese studies and the tea fascination took root. Tea is the second most-consumed beverage in the world.

Chef Bob loves the flavor of tea. He prefers black tea and enjoys it daily.