Show 228, June 17, 2017: The Meatheads from West Coast Prime Meats (Terry & Jay)

Bone Marrow Mac and Cheese at the Recess RoomBone Marrow is increasing in prominence on restaurant menus. You’ll frequently see it as an appetizer or as an accompaniment as part of an entrée.

Locally, for example, the new Recess Room in Fountain Valley has Bone Marrow Mac & Cheese and the Bone Marrow Burger on their menu.

The Bromberg Brothers in Soho popularized bone marrow in the early 90s at Blue Ribbon Brasserie with their signature appetizer of Bone Marrow & Oxtail Marmalade.

Our resident Meatheads from West Coast Prime Meats, Terry Hanks and Jay Henderson, will provide us with the rich 411.

The Meatheads explain that bone marrow has the same umami qualities of foie gras but is far more economical. It also has more healthful qualities (in moderation) than you’d probably imagine.

Show 134, August 8, 2015: Chef Cody Storts, Grits, Fullerton

Cody StortsWhen it comes to Breakfast and Brunch in Fullerton, new and buzzworthy is Grits. They take Brunch seriously. One of their catch-phrases is : “Because BRUNCH in Fullerton needs a kick in the ass.”

“Grits is the new Fullerton home of Chef Cody Storts. The concept is classic Southern comfort food done with California creativity. The Kitchen is wide open and built to scratch-make everything that comes out of it. The food is real. Fresh, local, simple and clean. Nothing processed. Nothing corporate. Nothing boring.”

Chef Cody also has an affinity for creative creations with grits. After all he is from Texas. How about Jalapeno Cheddar Grits with white grits, roasted red fresno chiles and a sunny egg?

All the appealing baked goods and desserts are prepared right there. Look for Skillet Cornbread with bacon and maple & brown sugar butter and Biscuits & Bone Marrow with sweet butter, fresh fruit and seasonal jam.

There is even Scrapple on the menu, a favorite of Chef Andrew’s.

New additions to the menu are Pork Cheek Benedict and Chicken Skin.

Breakfast and Bruch are now a destination in Fullerton.