Show 479, June 18, 2022: Journalist Anne Marie Panoringan, The Voice of OC’s Food Columnist Part One

Food Journalist Anne Marie Panoringan

Anne Marie Panoringan is Voice of OC’s well-informed food columnist. She reports industry news, current events and trends. The column publishes every other Friday.

Anne Marie joins us in-studio to talk about her recent experience in Chicago attending the James Beard Foundation’s Media Awards (June 11th) honoring excellence in Books, Broadcast Media and Journalism. Anne Marie served as a judge for the Journalism Awards as part of the Media Awards. She also shares some of her top Chicago dining adventures.

Show 352, December 21, 2019: Literary Libations – What To Drink With What You Read by Amira Makansi Part Two

Amira Makansi of Literary LibationsWant to know what to drink with all your favorite books? May we suggest Literary Libations – What To Drink With What You Read by Amira Makansi. “From Homer to Hemingway, Virginia Woolf to Margaret Atwood, comes the first definitive guide to reading and drinking!”

Readers will learn more about the world’s most iconic books while enhancing their knowledge of wine, beer and spirits. The volume is also a guide to crafting modern and classic cocktails.

We continue our spirited conversation with author Amira Makansi.

“Amira K. Makansi is a wine industry professional who has worked in many if not all aspects of the wine industry. After graduating from the University of Chicago with a degree in history, she quickly abandoned her quest to become a lawyer in favor of pursuing a career in all things beverage-related. She has worked for eight wineries, two distribution companies, and three restaurants, spanning from Chicago’s prestigious dining scene to an Alsatian winery whose first vintage predates the French revolution.”