Show 280, July 7, 2018: Victor Novak, Brewmaster & Steven Torres, Anaheim Head Brewer, Golden Road Brewing Continue…

Victor Novak and Steven TorresWe’re initiating a new monthly segment on the “SoCal Restaurant Show” called “Ask the Brewer.” To embark on this we’re delighted to welcome Golden Road’s highly accomplished Brewmaster, Victor Novak, and Anaheim Head Brewer Steven Torres continue with us.

Beer pairs really well with food. Victor and Steven will provide us with a tall stein of refreshing Beer Pairing 101.”

On tap are suggestions for what pairs with Light Lager; Hefeweizen & Belgian Ales; Pale Ales & Session IPAs; Sours & Fruity Beers; IPAs; Red Amber & Brown Ales; and Stouts & Porters.

Victor & Steven provide their pairing suggestions for a Pub Pretzel, Steamed Mussels, Duck Confit Poutine, the ever popular GRB Burger, Sesame Crusted Salmon & more.

The Brother’s Brood Milk Porter Braggot (winner of Beerland Season 3) pairs well with cheesecake.


Show 175, June 11, 2016: Chef Ronnel Capacia, Kelsey’s, Pechanga Resort & Casino

Ronnell Capacia at the Pechanga Microbrew Festival and Chili CookoffRonnell Capacia is the chef at Kelsey’s – Great Food & Drinks at Pechanga Resort and Casino. Last year his chili creation was the runner-up.

For 2016 he’s back with a new recipe. All we know for sure is that the revised creation uses Golden Road Brewing’s Get Up Offa That Brown, a toasty brown ale, in the recipe. We’re sure there will be a side of house-prepared corn bread, too. We’ll learn a bit more in our chat with Chef Capacia.

The revamped Kelsey’s is an all-American pub with a fine flair for hand-cut, barbequed meats and an outstanding, rotating selection of premium craft beers.

Kelsey’s restaurant is named after C.E. Kelsey, a progressive U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs agent assigned to work with and address concerns of California tribes in the early 1900’s. In 1907, the U.S, government purchased 235 acres (with a sustainable water source) to be added to the Pechanga Tribe’s land. This came to be known as the Kelsey tract on which nearly 100 years later, Pechanga Resort & Casino would be built.