Show 155, January 16, 2016: Candy Krajangsri, Marketing Officer, Tourism Authority of Thailand

Candy Krajangsri from the Tourism Authority of Thailand and Andy HarrisYour travel dollars go far in Thailand and the gracious hospitality there always impresses. Candy Krajangsri, Marketing Officer, Tourism Authority of Thailand, Los Angeles Office, is our guest for a virtual visit to Thailand.

The TAT Los Angeles office is responsible for promoting travel from the United States and South America to Thailand through travel trade partnerships and consumer marketing.

Thailand’s tourism should generate 2.41 trillion Baht in revenue this year, revised upwards from an earlier projection of 2.3 trillion Baht. Of that total, 1.56 trillion Baht will come from international markets and 0.85 trillion Baht from domestic travel.

In 2015, Thailand tourism generated 2.23 trillion Baht of which 1.44 trillion Baht came from international markets and 0.79 trillion Baht from the domestic sector.

Candy also provides some helpful tips on her favorite Thai restaurants in both Los Angeles and Orange County. The better Thai restaurants are known for creating one or two memorable specialty dishes. If you’re in the know that’s what you order exclusively.