Show 182, July 30, 2016: Robert Schueller, Prince of Produce, Melissa’s / World Variety Produce

Melissa's Produce GrapesWhat’s new, fresh and exciting in the world of Summer fruits and vegetables? Glad you asked. Joining us for an update is our resident Produce authority, Robert Schueller of Melissa’s World Variety Produce. For starters it’s everything grapes. Think Red Muscato, Green Muscato, Black Muscato, Jelly Drop, Candy Sweet Grapes, Cotton Candy and Champagne grapes. They are all now best of the season.

Jelly Drops Grapes are a hybrid of the popular Thompson Seedless grape and the rich, meaty Concord grape. The result is a plump, juicy, dark purple seedless table grape with a thin skin. Their aromatic, earthy flavor is similar to that of a Concord, but mellowed by the mild sweetness of the Thompson. This variety is a perfect out of hand summer snack fruit or delicious when used as a sweet sauce ingredient for almost any kind of meat or poultry dish.

A late-season variety (green) with an extremely high sugar content, the Candy Sweets® name describes its great flavor! Though petite in size, this amber-green seedless grape has a big taste that makes it an excellent kids snack or lunchbox favorite. Serve a bunch or two on a party platter; this grape’s firm, crunchy texture and sweetness plays well against any extra sharp cheese.