Show 533, July 8, 2023: Chateau De Lavernette, Beaujolais, France with Winemaker Kerrie de Boissieu

Kerrie de Boissieu of Chateau de Lavernette

“The area of Leynes, in Beaujolais, France and its historic four-story Château De Lavernette are right at the crossroads of Beaujolais and the Mâconnais. Down across the road from the château, to the east, grows a Chardonnay vineyard in limestone soil for its crémant and Beaujolais Blanc. Up on the broad slope just southwest of the château grows Gamay in granite soil for its two red Beaujolais, plus two small parcels of Chardonnay in more limey soils that are reserved for its Bourgogne Blanc. Across a tiny creek to the north of the château is the southern boundary of the Pouilly-Fuissé appellation. A hill goes steeply up from that creek to the village of Chaintré, and on this flank the château farms four small parcels in limestone to make two Pouilly-Fuissé cuvées.”

“The château has been passed down through the Lavernette family since 1596, when Philibert Bernard de Lavernette bought the property from the monks of Tournus. Early in the twentieth century, René de Boissieu married Gabriëlle Bernard de Lavernette, the heiress of Lavernette, and the property passed to the de Boissieu family. The twin shields on the Lavernette labels represent the families’ coats of arms.”

“René was the grandfather of Bertrand de Boissieu who, with his Dutch wife Anke, had been the director of Lavernette. Bertrand and Anke were the first in the Beaujolais region to farm according to the ecological principles of lutte raisonnée, or reasoned fight, a pragmatic approach to organic farming that was, in their younger days, a radical thing in France. Beginning in 2006, their son Xavier, with his American wife Kerrie, took this one step further by converting the château’s 28 acres of vineyards to biodynamic farming. Certification came in 2010.”

We’re discussing Chateau De Lavernette’s Beaujolais Blanc 2020 “Les Vignes de la Roche” and Beaujolais Leynes “Le Clos” 2021 with Winemaker Kerrie de Boissieu who joins us from Beaujolais, France.

Chateau de Lavernette wines are available locally at merchants including Erewhon Market and Mission Liquor. Featured on restaurant wine lists such as Cassia in Santa Monica and L & E Oyster Bar in Los Angeles.

Show 249, November 25, 2017: Chef / Proprietor Diep Tran, Good Girl Dinette, Highland Park, Los Angeles

Diep TranIn it’s 2nd season on KCET is “The Migrant Kitchen,” an Emmy-winning series. The 4-episode series explores how the next generation of chefs is creating cuisine inspired by the immigrant experience. Chef Diep Tran of Highland Park’s Good Girl Dinette is part of the upcoming “Beyond Pho” episode.

Airing on Wednesday evening, November 29th is the “Beyond Pho” episode of “The Migrant Kitchen.” Banh Mi. Spring rolls. Pho. The war and its subsequent refugees. These are things most commonly associated with the Vietnamese culture and its people. But a group of chefs in Los Angeles (including Cassia’s Bryant Ng and Kim Luu-Ng, Diep Tran of Good Girl Dinette, and Minh Phan of Porridge & Puffs) are hoping to demonstrate that there’s so much more than that. Featured in the episode: Cassia in Santa Monica, Good Girl Dinette in Highland Park, Red Boat Fish Sauce.

The second season of the James Beard Award and Webby-nominated series, continues to spotlight chefs who are combining traditional, ethnic cuisines with new flavors and fresh techniques that have transformed the culinary landscape of the city, making it one of the food capitals of the world. Season Two examines tradition and innovation in cuisines celebrating the food cultures of Mexico, Vietnam, Japan and India, as well as their various interpretations found in Los Angeles.

We’ll meet Good Girl Dinette’s Chef Diep, a progressive 2nd generation chef & restaurateur.