Show 532, July 1, 2023: Naughty Oak Brewing Co. in Orcutt, CA with Proprietress Emily Kitts

Emily Kitts of Naughty Oak Brewing

Naughty Oak Brewing Company established in 2015 in Orcutt in the Santa Maria Valley is a collaboration of a dedicated, craft beer-loving husband and wife team. It’s the first craft brewery in Orcutt. Their motto is, “Comradery Through Quality.”

At any given time there are 12 house-brewed craft beers and seltzers available. Think Phantasmic Voyage West Coast IPA and Fuzzy Navel Blonde Ale with Orange & Peach for openers. Their signature style is probably the The Able, a 6.3 % ABV Central Coast IPA. “An inhumane amount of hopping has The Able hitting your nostrils with grapefruit and tropical fruit right off the tap. The body is light and crisp to keep you coming back for more.”

Bring your own food or enjoy the varied menus of their rotating food trucks. Also recognized for hosting the best Trivia Night (Wednesday) in the Santa Maria Valley. “The aim at Naughty Oak Brewing Co. is to provide the guests with high-quality beers that can be enjoyed in an environment that promotes community.” Both Family and canine friendly.

Proprietor Emily Kitts joins us to tap the keg on all that is Naughty Oak Brewing Co.