Show 303, December 22, 2018: Robert Schueller, Melissa’s World Variety Produce, Produce Trends

Robert Schueller of Melissa's World Variety Produce in the AM830 KLAA StudioWhat are the “Top 10” Specialty Produce items in 2018? What’s sprouting on the horizon for 2019? We now continue Robert Schueller’s (Melissa’s World Variety Produce) informative report from two weeks ago.

More will be revealed by our enthusiastic resident produce authority, Robert Schueller of Melissa’s. We respectfully refer to him as The Prince of Produce. You can call him the Produce Guru for short.

We’ve covered Jackfruit and Red Papaya. Number Eight on the Specialty Produce Hit Parade is Chayote Squash which is where we’ll pick the conversation up. It’s actually a fruit and a staple of the Creole kitchen.

What’s Number One ? You need to listen but we’ll hint that it’s a specialty item exclusively grown in Idaho…