Show 225, May 27, 2017: Chef & Restaurateur, Geraldine Gilliland, Santa Monica

Geraldine GilliliandLong-time Santa Monica restaurateur Chef Geraldine Gilliland is represented there on Main Street with Lula Cocina and Finn McCool’s. The Lula Cocina Cookbook has just been released in paperback. Proceeds benefit Gerri’s 501 (c) 3 animal rescue agency. We’ll meet her.

With The Lula Cocina Cookbook – My favorite Recipes, from Mexico to Malibu, chef, author and accomplished restaurateur Geraldine Gilliland takes you on a fun, easy to read tour of her favorite recipes from Mexico, all the way to her hilltop Ranch in Malibu

Learn not only her best recipes, but how to put your own spin on them to create your own signature dishes…all while helping a great cause.

Gerri doesn’t neglect her signature potent libations in the Lula book. The first chapter is “Beverages & Cocktails.” Look for the coveted recipes for The Signature “Lula” Margarita and the “Americana” variation.

“All proceeds from this book will go to benefit the non-profit, Chiquita’s Friends,” I founded that is dedicated to helping abused, neglected and abandoned dogs in and around the Southern California area. We have rescued and successfully placed over 1,000 dogs in loving homes with the help of this network of allies in the fight against animal negligence and abuse.” Geraldine Gilliland


Show 206, January 14, 2017: Food & Libation journalist, Anne Marie Panoringan, Contributor to OC Weekly

Anne Marie PanoringanThe always “in-the-know” Anne Marie Panoringan is a contributing writer for OC Weekly. She is also a widely-followed, authority on cocktails from the consumer point-of-view. Anne Marie joins us with a recap of her recent OC Weekly piece, Top 5 Orange County Cocktails of 2016, Anne Marie Edition!”

“Another year, another round of drinks. It’s a great time to love me some cocktails, because more places than ever have been pouring some of the best I’ve seen and tasted. We turn back the clock 300-ish days to recap on some of my favorites for the year. Any hey – they don’t all contain whiskey.”

One hint: “Pineapple Under the Sea at TAPS Fish House & Brewery ranks Number 5.


Show 176, June 18, 2016: Executive Chef Dave MacLennan, James Republic, Long Beach

Dave MaclennanJames Republic under the culinary direction of Chef David MacLennan and Proprietor / Chef Dean James Max sets the standard for unpretentious fine dining with imagination in Long Beach.

Their popular Summer Dinner Bell Supper Series showcasing the fresh products of local farmers kicks off on Sunday, June 26th. Chef David pops out of the kitchen to provide us with all the fresh-from-the-field details.

“Join our table as we share passion for food, combining new and traditional flavors, fresh ingredients and all naturally raised meats, poultry and seafood during our celebration of spring. We’ll be spending Sunday morning at the Long Beach Farmers Market, finding the best in seasonality and locality, coming back to our kitchen to prepare an inspired family style dinner.”

“Our market inspired reception includes seasonal cocktails and canapes beginning at 4:30 pm, followed by dinner from 5 pm to 7 pm. Each delicious course features three distinct dishes served in a communal setting.”

“Our local farmers will be dining with us and be available for questions and discussing what they do best!”


Show 144, October 31, 2015: Dennis Green, Director of Beverage, Pechanga Resort & Casino, Temecula

Jack O Lantern Cocktail at Pechanga Casino and Resort in TemeculaHow about easy to prepare cocktails that are sure to impress for your Halloween celebrations? Dennis Green, Director of Beverage at Pechanga Resort & Casino in Temecula, scares up a few creations for us.

With more than 20 years of on-the-job experience leading some of the West Coast’s most notable hotel and casinos’ beverage programs, Dennis Green knows the main ingredient in any cocktail is customer satisfaction.

Throughout his bartending tenure creating cocktail and libation menus, Dennis has developed scores of appealing specialty drinks – many ahead of trends like hand-crafted cocktails, and many just for Halloween. Candy corn martinis, Dragon blood punches, Zombie, a lime-green colored Witches’ Brew, and the list keeps on going.

Green notes all of these spooky-themed sippers are very easy to make for your Halloween parties, or at friends’ homes.

Dennis’ featured recipe for Halloween is the Jack-O-Lantern and here’s the recipe.

6 oz Orange Juice
3/4 oz Triple Sec
1.25 oz Blavod Black Vodka

Combine orange juice and triple sec over ice in a cocktail shaker.

Shake and pour into a Collins glass. Float Vodka on top of orange juice and garnish with an orange slice and a whole black olive.

*Black vodka is and tastes exactly the same as clear vodka. The black is created by the vodka manufacturer by adding catechu extract from the acacia tree. The extract acts as a natural food coloring.


Show 144, October 31, 2015: Kyle Meyer, Co-Proprietor, The Wine Exchange

Kyle Meyer of Wine ExchangeWine pricing in restaurants whether it be by the glass or bottle can be a bit of a mystery with respect to value. Shouldn’t restaurants be encouraging their guests to order a glass of wine as a prelude to their meal?

Our delightfully opinionated wine authority, Kyle Meyer of Wine Exchange, has some definite thoughts on the matter. If the value isn’t there in restaurant wine then Kyle’s concern is about losing touch with the new wave of young wine drinkers. They will simply migrate over to craft beer and cocktails.

A pedestrian red or white, wine-by-the-glass could start at $12.00 per glass in a better restaurant. If the business model of the restaurant is to recover the cost of that wine with the first pour then Kyle makes the point that there is a lot of great wine out there that a restaurant can buy wholesale for $12.00 per bottle. In general some restaurants could do a lot better with their by-the-glass programs. It’s worth the effort.

We’ll pull the cork on this emotional discussion with Kyle.…


Show 136, August 29, 2015: Tom Gordon, The Pepper Project

The Pepper ProjectTom Gordon’s and Cris Petersen’s The Pepper Project promotes U.S. importation of fine Kampot pepper as a way to support Cambodians and the country’s economy. It’s a great pepper that was used in the finest French restaurants during the colonial era.

They have partnered with Expedia to organize and host The Pepper Project’s Insider’s Tour of Cambodia in late February of 2016. It is 13 days of high adventure from insiders who really know the relatively unexplored territory.

Highlights include a chef’s dinner at Charcoal restaurant in Siem Reap where the cocktails are mixed tableside as well as many of the specialty dishes prepared & served at the table. Also included is a carefully curated tasting tour of the best of local street food transported in tuk tucks.

We’ll get the inside information from Tom Gordon.


Show 84, August 16, 2014: Head Barman Chris Amirault of Harlowe, West Hollywood

Chris AmiraultMeet Mixologist Chris Amirault of Harlowe, a new bar that’s already attracting a lot of attention in West Hollywood. He’s the Head Barman there. This is from the 1933 Group (Oldfield’s Liquor Room and Sassafras.)

Even Chris’ standard cocktails are very special. Chris also creates unusual draft and bottled cocktails. Also of note are the carafe cocktails and the shared punch bowls.

Not easy to order a libation these days with all the tempting options!

“Give me a bottle of bourbon & half a chicken and I’ll take over the world.”


Show 83, August 9, 2014: Guest Host Chef Jimmy Shaw and Producer & Co-Host Andy Harris preview the show

Guest Host Chef Jimmy Shaw of Loteria! Grill restaurants and Producer Andy preview the show.

Chef Jimmy Shaw of Loteria! Grill is with us. He brought the rich Mexican Street Food of his native Mexico City to Los Angeles. Keep in mind that Los Angeles is the 2nd largest Mexican City in the World. It all started in 2002 with a modest stand in the Original Farmers Market at Third and Fairfax in Los Angeles.

Chef Jimmy Shaw educates us on the ample Mexican sandwich, The Torta. He also talks about stocking Mexican ingredients in your home pantry.

Josh Lurie of Food GPS is at it again with delectable food and beverage events. The 3rd Annual Food GPS Fried Chicken Festival is set for Sunday afternoon, August 17th in Chinatown’s historic Central Plaza.

The Museum of the American Cocktail (based in New Orleans at the Southern Food & Beverage Museum) is presenting an evening of cocktails, food, and entertainment featuring (the always entertaining) culinary historian and author Richard Foss on August 18th at 6:30 p.m. at Roxanne’s Lounge in Long Beach. The presentation is : “Dry With a Twist: A Liquid Lesson in How Prohibition Changed America.”

One of the most important wine regions in Mexico is the Valle de Guadalupe located about an hour and one-half South of Tijuana. The best of these wines are slowly finding their way North to Southern California. Manuel Alvarez of AlXimia Vino Elemental winery joins us from the Valle de Guadalupe with his Family’s story.

Tarit Tanjasiri is the baker/proprietor of the revered CremaCafe in Seal Beach. It started as a small breakfast and lunch spot. Tarit couldn’t source a bread for his sandwiches that satisfied him so he added an adjacent production bakery. We’ll meet him.

“A new kind of cocktail book, The 12 Bottle Bar, distills the craft cocktail movement for the home bar. Irresistibly uncomplicated, just 12 bottles create over 200 distinct and seasonal cocktails, including beer and wine cocktails.” The husband-and-wife authors are with us.

Orange County’s answer to the prestigious, red carpet awards shows is The Golden Foodies. Voting has started for this year in the first group of categories and the public is invited to vote for their favorite restaurants and related categories. Good luck to all…

All of this and lots more absolutely incredible deliciousness on Saturday’s show!


Show 83, August 9, 2014: Food Historian & Author Richard Foss

Dry with a Twist: A Liquid Lesson in How Prohibition Changed AmericaThe Exhibition Room at Roxanne’s Cocktail Lounge & Latin Grill, Long Beach’s “hidden speakeasy,” hosts the next edition of Touring the Cocktail: MOTAC Los Angeles, a liquid lesson in how Prohibition changed America. Come out for an evening of culture and cocktails, costumes and music! Dress as a flapper, bootlegger, moonshiner, or temperance crusader (no hatchets please, ladies). There will be prizes for the best costume, giveaways, and more!

Whether you were a regular tippler or never let a drop of alcohol past your lips, Prohibition affected every American’s life. Dining options, dating habits, vacation choices, and perhaps most infamously, the attitude of citizens toward law enforcement, were forever altered by the temperance movement’s short-lived crowning achievement. Even so, most Americans don’t really understand who we were before that great experiment, how Prohibition came to pass, and the ways in which the period reverberates to this day.

Historian Richard Foss, author of “Rum: A Global History,” transports participants to a world of temperance terrorists and flappers, moonshiners and smugglers, and ordinary citizens who just wanted a drink and would get it by any means necessary. Drinkmaster David Valiante executes a menu of five period cocktails, illustrating the ways in which America’s palate for drinks has changed. (Don’t worry, bathtub gin will not appear on the menu, but some delightful and largely forgotten beverages will make a glorious reappearance.) A light dinner of savory specialties from Roxanne’s Latin Grill is included in the price of admission.

Tickets are $40 in advance, $35 for members of SoFAB/MOTAC and the USBG. Tickets at the door are $50 (subject to availability.)


Show 82, August 2, 2014: Restaurant Chef David MacLennan, James Republic, Long Beach

Dave MaclennanJames Republic, located in Downtown Long Beach, organizes one of the very best Farm-to-Fork dinner series around. It happens monthly on a Sunday under the name of the Dinner Bell Supper Series. The proprietor of James Republic, Chef Dean James Max, developed the original concept. The restaurant’s chef, David MacLennan, joins us with the specifics.

On the Sunday morning of The Dinner Bell Supper the culinary team gathers at the Long Beach Farmers Market to search for the ideal ingredients to serve as the basis for that evenings’ family-style supper. For the guests the evening begins with market inspired cocktails and passed canapes at 4:30 p.m. At 5:00 p.m., the dinner bell rings and the guests gather at a long, communal table to enjoy California wines and a bountiful three-course menu prepared by Chefs James Dean Max, Chef David MacLennan and their team. Area guest farmers take part in the engaging dinner conversation. The idea is for former strangers to become friends over a superb meal (with a side of good conversation) without this being forced. It works…

The culinary team previews the menu specifics with the guests before everyone is seated. At the conclusion of the evening the chefs leisurely move around the table to answer questions and give cooking tips.

The August 24th dinner is sold out. Future dates are September 14th, October 26th, and November 23rd.