Show 134, August 8, 2015: Anthony Reyes, Co-Founder, Manila Sky Ice Cream

Manila Sky Nutty Jack ice CreamWhat’s new in ice cream ? (Sorry we just missed National Ice Cream Month…) Consider Manila Sky Ice Cream. This line of gourmet, sweet indulgences is a fusion of authentic Filipino inspired tropical ingredients combined with creamery fresh California milk. The flavors are bold. Many of the tropical fruits used in the premium ice creams are imported from the Philippines.

What started as a hobby for founder Anthony Reyes and his wife has grown (since 2012) into a viable business. Their young children are the official taste-testers. What’s not to love about creamy ice cream.

The captivating, premium flavors are Coco Rico, Mango Dream, Mango Verde, Nutty Jack, Purple Yumm and Viva Avocado.

Nutty Jack Ice Cream is a distinct, tropical jackfruit ice cream with roasted cashews and a hint of sea salt. The star of this flavor is the Filipino jackfruit : a tropical fruit with notes of mango, pineapple and banana. Pairing jackfruit with cashews is a quintessential Filipino flavor combination that marries the depth of roasted cashews with the tropical sweetness of the jackfruit.”

We’ll chill with Co-founder Anthony Reyes.