Show 37, August 3, 2013: CHAYA Brasserie Beverly Hills Continued…

Yudo Tsunoda of Chaya BrasserieChaya owner Yuta Tsunoda and long-time CHAYA Executive Corporate Chef Shigefumi Tachibe continued their interview.

Among Chaya’s many achievements in Los Angeles they are famous for creating the ever popular tuna tartare which is properly credited to Chef Tachine.

Chef Tachibe is also a pioneer in macrobiotic cuisine. CHAYA’s latest concept is M Café featuring macrobiotic cuisine. The original concept café is on Melrose Ave. in Hollywood. Newer locations are located in Culver City and Beverly Hills.

“Macrobiotic cuisine is extremely balanced, and therefore much better for your health than the latest trendsetting diet, and at M Café, the food is healthy but tastes indulgent,” says Tachibe.

CHAYA has locations in Venice, Downtown Los Angeles, and San Francisco. All are a bit different to reflect the communities they are in. Downtown Los Angeles has a thriving outdoor Beer Garden during the Summer.