Show 287, August 25, 2018: Chocolatier Romeo Garcia, Romeo Chocolates, Long Beach

Romeo GarciaChef Romeo Garcia of Romeo Chocolates in Downtown Long Beach is a Master Chocolatier with a global reach. He is so highly regarded in Long Beach that the buildout of the retail shop was partially underwritten by a successful Kickstarter Campaign.

In addition to decadent chocolates (artisan bars & truffles) his chocolate boutique serves a variety of appealing chocolate beverages and decadent plated desserts. Think Frozen Hot Chocolate, an incredibly rich ice-blended beverage.

Romeo Chocolates also offers creative chocolate pairings with wine and beer.

“It’s easy to fall in love with chocolate. Romeo became enamored with the artistry of design, flavors, and the richness of the story of chocolate-making from around the world. An avid learner and traveler, Romeo graduated from Ecole Professional School of Chocolate Arts, completed the Master Chocolatier Program in Belgium, and traveled across Europe, South Pacific, and other regions to carefully source chocolates and ingredients. Proudly made in Long Beach, California. Enjoy our artisanal, micro-batch chocolate bars and confections!”

Chef Romeo Garcia is our guest.