Show 116, April 4, 2015: Perfect Bar

PJ Roustan of Perfect BarNutrition bars are all the rage these days but there surely isn’t a product out there that has the back story which compares to the origins of the Perfect Bar “handmade in sunny San Diego” by the 2nd generation of the Keith Family. 8 Keith siblings (of 13) now run the fast-growing company which was a big hit at the recent Natural Products West Expo in Anaheim.

“Everyone has a story. Ours is a little nuttier than most.”

The Perfect Bar story started with “Dr. Bud Keith.” He was a health food guy before anyone said “health food.” In the mid-1960’s he opened one of the first modern gyms – Healthouse Gym and Juice Bar in Mission Beach, San Diego. He knew what we eat has a direct effect on how we feel. He worked with fitness pioneer Jack LaLanne to help change the way people viewed health and fitness.

Once the Perfect Bar (gluten free) was perfected as a consumer product their first account was Whole Foods and it blossomed from there. Costco is now a major account, too.

PJ Roustan of Perfect Bar will explain…

Show 102, December 20, 2014: Houweling’s Tomatoes

David BellHouweling’s Tomatoes (Mastery Under Glass,) is a family-owned, world-renowned greenhouse tomato grower with facilities in Camarillo, and Delta, BC. A new facility in Mona, Utah is on the threshold of production. Founded by Cornelius Houweling as a grower of fresh flowers, it’s now led by his son, Casey.

Houweling’s is dedicated to delivering a full complement of scrumptious tomatoes year-round, while constantly innovating to reduce its environmental footprint. They are also pioneers in branding their premium tomatoes and cucumbers.

Unlike many greenhouse growers who contract product under their name from other growers in Mexico, Canada and the USA, the Houweling’s brand appears only on products they grow. At any given time you can find several fresh varieties of Houweling’s Tomatoes in the produce department at Costco or at your favorite supermarket. Houweling’s tomatoes are grown from 3rd party verified 100 per cent Non-GMO seeds.

Houweling’s Tomatoes grows year-round, sustainable greenhouse tomatoes on 175 acres in Camarillo, CA, and Delta, BC. In January of 2015, Houweling’s will begin harvesting from their new 28 acre farm in Mona, UT.

David Bell, the Chief Marketing Officer for Houwelings, joins us with the fascinating story.