Show 80, July 19, 2014: Allan Karl – Author of Forks: A Quest For Culture, Cuisine and Connection Part Two

Forks: A Quest For Culture, Cuisine And Connections by Allan KarlOne of the most captivating stories in the coffee-table book is how Allan finally got into Syria. You can only get a visa at the Syrian Embassy in Washington, D.C., and that was what he was told at the border.

The Syrian dish he features in the book is Fattoush. This is an incredible crisp salad with fresh herbs and pita strips. He enjoyed this specialty with the proprietor of a dusty, decrepit gas station in the middle of nowhere who spoke English.

Forks: A Quest For Culture, Cuisine and Connections is an oversized, coffee-table art-book with more than 700 photos, stories of adventure and survival and global local food.”

For two years Allan struggled to find a publisher willing to take on this unusual and ambitious book project. They couldn’t pigeonhole it…Finally he turned to Kickstarter to raise the needed initial funds to self publish. He raised almost twice his initial goal for a total of $44,994

After three years on the road Allan truly believes the Irish Proverb: “There are no strangers, only friends you haven’t met.”