Show 297, November 10, 2018: Giorgio Pisano, Maitre d’Hotel, Princess Cruises’ Ruby Princess

Giorgio PisanoAboard a luxury cruise ship dining is a paramount part of the guest experience. The person responsible for overseeing the guest dining experience in all the dining rooms aboard ship is the Maitre d’Hotel.

On Princess CruisesRuby Princess that individual is the charming Giorgio Pisano, a 42-year veteran of Princess. It’s a tough assignment with 3,000 guests to pamper in all the dining areas for every voyage. He graciously presides over very special occasion celebrations in the guests’ lives including milestone birthdays, anniversaries, renewal of vows and honeymoons.

Giorgio was born in a beautiful, small village in the South of Italy, Pizzo Calabro. His first posting with Princess was on the Island Princess (original) in 1976 as a Buffet Steward. He spent his vacations working in hotels in and around Italy. His eagerness for learning and achievement helped him move very quickly through the ranks until he was appointed to the position of Maitre d’Hotel in 1992.

Giorgio was elected to launch the largest ship in the world in 1995, the Sun Princess, making him the youngest Maitre d’Hotel on the biggest ship in the world at the time.

Giorgio takes a break from turnaround on the Ruby Princess at the Port of Los Angeles to join us.


Show 46, November 2, 2013: Barbara Fairchild, food journalist, cookbook author, educator, and consultant

Barbara FairchildBarbara Fairchild is a respected food journalist, cookbook author, consultant, and educator. She is best known to us as the long-time former editor of Bon Appetit Magazine when they were based in Los Angeles.

This summer she taught a course in the Arthur L. Canter Journalism Institute at the prestigious New York University. Barbara told us all about that as well as provided us with some great Manhattan dining suggestions ranging from a superior deli find to a casual Italian with primo pasta and a comfortable celebrity chef restaurant with classic 30s luxury cruise ship décor that’s really worth going to.

She will be back on November 23rd to chat about dining in the Bay Area and the Napa Valley.