Show 332, July 13, 2019: Chef Dominic Palmieri, The Midway Gourmet, OC Fair 2019

Dominic Palmieri of Midway GourmetThe 2019 OC Fair opened the gates on Friday, July 12th. Outrageous Fair Food is always a mouthwatering highlight. What crazy edible will they next put on a stick? One of the all-star, Fair Food personalities is the well-traveled Midway Gourmet, Chef Dominic Palmieri of Biggy’s fame on the RCS Carnival Midway.

Chef Dominic has noticed a taste trend in addition to the continuing appeal of spicy flavors. That’s sour. The creative minds at The Midway Gourmet have found spicy & sour inspiration and now perfected the “Crunchy Flaming Hot Pickle” which debuts at the OC Fair. “This is a massive jumbo dill pickle cored out, filled with ground crunchy flaming hot Cheetos and then topped with whole crunchy flaming hot Cheetos and cheese.”

Today, July 13th, is National French Fry Day. All manner of fries (garlic fries, tater tots…) are available on the RCS Midway including Biggy’s Colossal Curly Fries and the new Caramel Crack Fries.

We’ll find out what other indulgent deliciousness Chef Dominic is cooking up for July 12th through August 11th.