Show 108, January 31, 2015: “Restaurant Coach” Phyllis Ann Marshall, FoodPower

Phyllis Ann MarshallPhyllis Ann Marshall of FoodPower is known as the go-to “growth coach for independent restaurants.” The mission and her passion is to work side-by-side with restaurateurs to help them grow every aspect of their business – from menu and décor to service and operations. As the Founder of FoodPower, Phyllis Ann Marshall offers clients more than 40 years of experience as a culinary expert, business owner, consultant and coach in the restaurant industry.

Marshall’s expertise comes from owning and running restaurants of all sizes, themes and locations coast to coast. As Phyllis Ann says : “You don’t fully understand the restaurant industry until you’ve carried the keys.”

“Independents (restaurants) are the soul of the foodservice industry. They are the source of new ideas. They are the guardians of regional cuisines. Without them, the world of restaurants would be very boring,” she says.

As a service to the hospitality business FoodPower publishes a content rich, monthly newsletter with material genuinely useful to chefs and restaurateurs. It’s available for the asking via the FoodPower Website.

When Phyllis Ann established FoodPower in 1984 her first client was Lawry’s Restaurants. Enough said…

Phyllis Ann Marshall is our guest.