Show 26, April 27, 2013: Nancy Zaslavsky, “A Cook’s Tour to Mexico”

Nancy is an author, serious home cook, cooking instructor and tour leader with a love of the culture, cuisine, and people of Mexico. She also is an active board member of the Culinary Historians of Southern California.

Her highly recommended culinary tours to various regions of Mexico are always small groups including chefs, food professionals and food-and-fun loving people in search of dynamic tastes in stimulating environments.

Nancy just returned from guiding a food tour of Morelia and Patzcuaro in Michoacan.
On June 1st is her popular L.A. Mexican Market Tour & Lunch”. It’s a whirlwind tour of Nancy’s favorite wholesale Mexican food markets in downtown Los Angeles. Also on the tour is a terrific bakery stocked with pan dulce and their famous tamales.

The final stop on the excursion is lunch at La Casita Mexicana. Nancy was a judge there for their challenge on “Bobby Flay’s Throwdown” seen on Food Network

Show 22, March 23, 2013: Chef Cocoy Ventura

Chef Cocoy VenturaChef Cocoy is an authority on Filipino cuisine and consults for Island Pacific Supermarkets, a California grocery chain specializing in Filipino fresh ingredients and food products.

Recently Chef Cocoy led a tour of the Island Pacific Supermarket on Vermont Ave. for the Culinary Historians of Southern California that was covered by Filipino TV. Chef Cocoy explained the cultural influences on their food and how it varies regionally throughout this Island nation. He also provided the culinary 411 on a couple of the best known dishes including lumpia (egg roll) and adobo (typically marinated meat.)