Show 248, November 18, 2017: Chef Nacho Cadena, La Leche, Puerto Vallarta

Nacho CadenaChef Nacho Cadena is the proprietor of Puerto Vallarta’s celebrated La Leche restaurant and also a goodwill ambassador for Puerto Vallarta.

“We like to reinterpret the culinary tradition irreverently, making the most of local products to reinvent the menu every day, making La Leche a fun, delicious and extraordinary space to live together.”

“Each one of us has a certain essence that makes this kitchen something special and unique. Our bases: surprise, contrast, difference, fun and exquisiteness.”

“With a unique, minimalist and forceful style, the interior design proposes a monochromatic atmosphere where each diner awakens their senses by interacting with stimulating plates in a space conceived as a canvas, which will be intervened by the cuisine of Chef Alfonso Cadena (Chef Nacho’s son) and his dear visitors.”

Chef Nacho Cadena, the patriarch of Le Leche, is our guest.