Show 293, October 6, 2018: Charles Duque, Managing Director, French Dairy Board and French Cheese Board, New York

Charles DuqueIt’s all about butter with Charles Duque, the Managing Director for The French Dairy Board and the French Cheese Board. Indispensable to new culinary trends, butter is a source of inspiration that never grows old. Butter is an emblem of French cuisine.

Butter is an entirely natural product in its pure state. To make 35 oz. of butter, you need 23 quarts of milk.

Butter has survived for thousands of years. It has not aged in the slightest and is still smooth, soft and melting. Even through the ages, it has remained a natural and traditional product.

Butter production methods have remained virtually unchanged for 5,000 years. The churning system has been perfected over the centuries and health precautions have improved, especially with pasteurization, but, incredibly, the process has remained essentially the same.

We’ll find out why with Charles.