Show 168, April 23, 2016: Hima Pandya, Tin Star Foods

Hima PandyaOne of the unusual finds at the recent Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim was Tin Star Foods. They produce Cultured Ghee and Cultured Brown Butter in small batchers.

Tin Star Foods Founder, Hima Pandya, is our guest. Of course there is an inspirational story connected with the establishment of the enterprise.

“Tin Star Foods is the home for high quality Non GMO foods. We believe that good food should be accessible and easy to find. By stripping all of the junk and fillers, we are providing you with pure, clean, nutrient dense foods. We have vowed to make this a place where our customers can feel at ease purchasing products needed to sustain a healthy lifestyle.”

“Our Cultured Ghee is perfection in butter form. We slow cook our cultured butter over an open flame, just the way Hima, the owner, learned from her mama. It’s got a rich buttery flavor that allows any dish to come alive with little effort. High in K2, D, E, and Tonalin CLA, it’s a no brainer to add it to your daily meal plan. Its extremely high heat threshold of 485 degrees makes it perfect for the stove top or grilling. Ghee is a dream to bake with and delicious in coffee too.”

“Our Brown Butter, lovingly called a Caramel Kiss of Perfection, is just that. It’s buttery, nutty, caramel in a bottle. We gently allow the milk solids to toast allowing the flavor profile of this gorgeous ghee to develop. Just like our trademark Cultured Ghee, it is lab tested Lactose and Casein free. It’s the perfect pairing for an afternoon scone or in your buttered coffee in the morning. Our customers love to grill and bake with it, as the deep rich flavor is unparalleled.”

“Ghee has been used in kitchens throughout India for thousands of years. More importantly, its heavy usage is due to the laundry list of health benefits (which we’ll get to in “why”). While the cooks in the kitchen were (and are) putting it in every dish possible, the Ayurvedic Doctors relied on its healing properties to treat patients. That’s right, they were building entire treatment centers in India around this special product before we knew what electricity was.”

“Fast forward to current days, it seems that everyone is asking where you can get some. The Paleo community depends on it as one of the top 3 fat sources in their diets right next to Coconut oil and Tallow. If you haven’t heard about ghee yet, you will, we promise. It’s just a matter of time.”