Show 148, November 28, 2015: Chef Director Ryan Wagner, Culinary Lab

Ryan Wagner of CulinaryLabCulinaryLab, under the direction of Chef Director Ryan Wagner, is a forward-focused cooking school where timeless techniques meet cutting edge curriculum and real-world training to cook up bold contemporary cuisine. CulinaryLab reinvents culinary training with a program that harnesses the power of today’s innovations to train tomorrow’s culinary arts visionaries.

Orange County, California-based CulinaryLab (at The Anaheim Packing House) is the first school of its kind to combine an industry-fueled curriculum, tech-savvy training, hands-on learning, and a sustainable food philosophy. The first class starts in January of 2016. The first class starts in January of 2016.

Chef Wagner is really big on presenting reality to future culinarians and tempering unrealistic expectations. A student doesn’t graduate from culinary school with the expectation that they are ready to be an Executive Chef anywhere. Also the idea that they are going to graduate and be a star on Food TV is even more unlikely!

Chef Director Ryan Wagner is our guest.