Show 93, October 18, 2014: Marc Witney, The Fairmont Waterfront

Marc WitneyVancouver, British Columbia is a wonderful food town. The Fairmont Waterfront in downtown Vancouver also has a reputation for culinary excellence.

Dana Hauser, Executive Chef at The Fairmont Waterfront, hails from Newfoundland and brings a passion for regionally-inspired cuisine. Her culinary philosophy (influenced by the abundance of just-caught seafood) continues to focus on an appreciation for the freshest of ingredients sourced from neighboring farms and artisanal producers.

Their new destination restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is ARC. Their motto is, “Life is Complicated, Good Food Shouldn’t Be.”

The chef’s bench offers communal dining. Power lunches get guests in & out in an hour. Our guest, Marc Witney, is the Outlets Manager for The Fairmont Waterfront.

The Fairmont Honey Lager brewed for them by Whistler Brewing uses honey from the roof-top hives located at The Fairmont Waterfront.