Show 524, May 6, 2023: Ian McCall, Director of Brewing and Operations, Riip Beer Co.

Ian McCall of Riip Beer Company

In April 2018, Huntington Beach’s award-winning riip Beer Co. hired Ian McCall as their newest head brewer and to run day to day operations. That year at the Great American Beer Festival, riip was awarded its second medal, silver for black the riipper black IPA. Before the end of the year riip expanded again by dropping two more fermenters and hiring Danny Priddy as an assistant brewer. The riip team was quickly growing and the accolades were just starting to roll in.

Riip continued to grow last year as they opened a serious pizzeria with an emphasis on quality ingredients in South Huntington Beach.

2022 was an exceptional year for Riip beers. At the Bistro IPA Festival in Hayward Riip was awarded a Bronze medal for their 1020 West Coast IPA which was a collaboration style with Cannonball Creek of Golden, CO. At the San Diego International Beer Competition Black the Ripper (signature Black IPA) was awarded a Silver.

Riip’s Ian McCall (Director of Brewing and Operations) is our guest with a mug of Dankster Squad in hand.