Show 368, April 11, 2020: Pasta Shop Ristorante and Art Gallery, Henderson, Nevada

Ann Alenik of Pasta Shop and Art GalleryLast year the Pasta Shop Ristorante and Art Gallery celebrated its 30th Anniversary. Over the years two generations of the Alenik Family have brought fresh pasta and creative Italian cuisine to the Las Vegas valley. Inspired by their late chef/founder David Alenik’s experiences as personal chef to Frank Sinatra and Steve Wynn, the family-owned restaurant and artisanal pasta makers use the best quality, local and imported ingredients throughout, including Vegan specialties.

Pasta Shop also supplies fresh pasta to many of the most popular restaurants on the famed Las Vegas Strip!

Mr. Sinatra’s dish of choice remains on the menu as Frank’s Favorite Meat Sauce. It’s finely diced meatballs, onions and spices in a robust tomato sauce served over house-made rigatoni.

Chef David’s widow, Ann, and daughter, Bianca, join us to roll out the pasta…