Show 282, July 21, 2018: Chef Dominic Palmieri, The Midway Gourmet, OC Fair

Dominic Palmieri of Midway GourmetThe OC Fair (Free Your Inner Farmer) is in full swing now through August 12th (Wednesday through Sunday) in Costa Mesa. It’s a once-a-year thing, something that can only happen at the Fair – a food frenzy beyond compare.

Time to talk about what’s new in Fair Food with The Midway Gourmet himself, Chef Dominic Palmieri.

Think Caramel Crack Fries and on the savory side, Cholula Spicy Turkey Leg.…

New from The Midway Gourmet’s friendly competitor, Chicken Charlie, is Deep-Fried Filet Mignon on a Stick.

“You know you want it if it’s fried, wrapped in bacon or sprinkled with sugar !”

Last year 51 per cent of attendees surveyed said the only-at-the-Fair food was their favorite part of their visit. You just know the chefs have been laboring to move the needle even higher for 2018.

$3.00 Taste of Fair Food. It’s a grazer’s paradise! Get a sampling of food and treats for only $3.00 each Thursday from Noon to 4:00 p.m. Fun-sized samples include funnel cake, tri-tip. Lemonade, cinnamon rolls, tacos, gelato, cotton candy and more.

Is the OC Fair food crazier and more inventive this year? You be the judge.